Nano Stick For Spas

Nano-stick For Spas

Treating our recreational water must go beyond starting out with filtered water since contaminates are then exposed to the water in the spa and grow when mixed with heat in the spa. Organisms that are introduced into the water and can make the water unsafe and frankly, a little gross.

Chemicals used in the spa can be difficult to manage and balance and often throw off the pH balance making it hard to really enjoy what is supposed to be a recreational and relaxing experience. Just like the technologies involving water filters is growing to include whole house water filtration systems to protect us in the home, the technology for cleaning recreational water and spas is changing as well. Today your spa can be clean without affecting the pH balance with the use of a Nano-Stick for the spa.

Nano technology is a superior technology for water treatment. A device called a Nanostick is placed in the spa and the water that contacts it is treated by oxidation. No contaminates are left behind and the pH balance of the water remains the same. This advanced technology for water treatment is also safe for the environment, unlike many other water treatment methods. The nano-stick simply hangs in the pool or spa and the water treatment is good for up to 4 months!

Compared to a mineral system for the treatment of recreational water, the nanostick excels. Mineral systems are placed into the water and they surround and kill contaminates in the water but leave behind dead matter that must then be filtered out. The nanostick kills on love this website contact and leaves nothing behind.

High temperatures in a spa can make many water treatment systems less effective; however, with nano stick, it works even better. Nano-stick leaves behind clear and color switch hack android well treated water in temperatures between 34 degrees and 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Nano-stick is effective against microbial in the water such as RNA and DNA cell structures. Polyphosphates are eliminated as well as algae and other contaminates. The water click more details left behind is clear and clean and can be enjoyed freely.

The water in your spa or pool looks clearer because the water is more pure and has a higher degree of refraction allowing the sun to refract off the water like diamonds. Additionally the water feels softer and smoother to the skin. You can feel comfortable enjoying your recreational water because with a nano-stick you are going to use far less chemicals to keep your water clear and clean.

Finally, the nano-stick will eliminate the body oils in the water and leave nothing behind. The water will hold more calcium and the residue that is often left, similar to a bathtub ring will be eliminated. You can enjoy your pool or spa more and worry less about the cleaning process with a nano-stick.